05 August 2017

Card of the Day!

CotD:  6 of Wands

Returning home victoriously to a celebrating crowd.  Public recognition, progress, moment of glory and self-confidence.

Shadow Card:  King of Pentacles

Mature grounded male, hard work will pay off, bettering myself, wealthy businessman, conservative, discipline, reaching my goals.

Today’s reading tells me I’m on the right track, a little moment of glory and recognition will be coming my way which will help in the self-confidence department (after what happened this past Thursday, which is another story entirely).  The background card tells me my hard work, discipline and working on bettering myself will aid in reaching my goals but I should remain on the conservative side to not give everything away; be it my time, money or reading Tarot, etc...

04 August 2017

Daily Reading

This is one of my "new" favorite spreads.  When I read for myself using this spread I have 100% accuracy with whatever I happen to be dealing with that day.  Today's reading is no exception.  

I see this reading telling me to keep on keeping on, that my putting out generosity and kindness will return to me in the way of new financial opportunities, quite possibly with an investor but even if not with an investor I should keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities opening up to me and when that happens I must learn to delegate in order to keep my business flowing easier for the good of all.

BREATH IN:  6 of Pentacles     

Charity, gifts, generosity given to others, kindness, being valued

HOLD IN:  Ace of Pentacles

New financial opportunity being offered, stability, a financial new beginning

LET GO:  10 of Wands               

Being overly ambitious, all work/no play, a need to delegate

Open Arms

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