27 June 2017

Meditating with Tarot Cards

It’s really very easy; breath, be conscious of your thoughts, acknowledge the thoughts are there and continue to gaze upon a Tarot Card and think about the card and what it has to “say” to you.  Some people, myself included, will use visualization while meditating and actually go into the card itself to seek guidance from whatever character is there, or to view their situation literally from a different perspective, or to have a conversation with a character or animal within the card or just to walk around and use our five senses (touch, hear, smell, taste, sight) to get to know the card, get better acquainted with it or just to visit an “old friend”; then when finished they leave the card and return to a fully awakened state of consciousness. Still others will use Tarot meditation and visualization in rituals and/or spell work.

Since Tarot is used for Self-development and growth, to help provide direction and to teach valuable lessons it is helpful to know one’s personal Tarot card, to explore on deeper levels and gain more information about what your personal card’s correspondences, herbs, stones, color(s), crystals, affirmations, etc.  The adage, “there is power in knowledge” is true. 

Each birth day has its own personal Tarot Card associated with it, a learning and opportunity card, if you will.  Additionally, each Zodiac sign has a Tarot Court Card associated with it (King, Queen, Knight, Page) and it would be considered a person’s significator card; one that would represent them in a reading.  Court cards are not always a physical representation of the person; in nine times out of ten represents their character, attitude, personality, qualities, etc.  When I conduct readings I always ask for the person’s day of birth (not the year) so, depending on the spread and question asked, I can pull out their significator card first then continue with the reading. 

Today’s Card of the Day is the 5 of Wands. 

Clash of egos, play fighting, competition, discord; a situation has become a spectacle…I need to relax, step back, get a summary of the situation.  Am I experiencing a struggle or confusion?  I am on the cusp of change and I need to remember that creative conflict can be a source of fruitful ideas.  I need to become aware of my power and have confidence in myself.

Ahhhh, Technology!

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