27 May 2017

Short and Sweet

World Tarot Daytm.  The “me” time was very much needed, a time to grow personally and professionally, a time to learn more on this Tarot lifetime journey, a time to make new friends and fellowship with old and a time to just be. 

The special rate for World Tarot Daytm is no longer being offered as well…World Tarot Daytm has passed us until next May 25th.  However; I hear blowing in the wind there will be a first Annual International Tarot Day this July 8th started by Shonna Hill and the fab Tarot Nerds FaceBook Group.  What makes it different than World Tarot Daytm one might ask?  It is the Trademark (™) sign.  I am still debating if I will participate.

This Holiday Weekend I will be working and will try to be available at your convenience.  Just email me at:  angelshandworksllc@gmail.com for more information and to book your appointment.

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