23 May 2017

Only Human

Today’s card is right on the mark.  I have been feeling powerless due to an older neighbor who insists on running their errands before 6am, and instead of grouping like errands together she goes in and out many, MANY times per day knowing full well we have two dogs who alert us to any activity in our driveway (we share a driveway yet WE are expected for full maintenance while the neighbor does nothing to help or contribute but that’s another story).  So…I have been suffering sleep deprivation and a feeling of powerless since Saturday courtesy of the neighbor.

I will focus on what I must do according to today’s Tarot Card.  It won't be easy but I can at least give it a shot.


On the positive side:  Higher awareness, purpose, hope, Penetrating Wisdom, the calm after the storm, the Star lights the way, healing, renewal, inspiration, serenity, calmness, contentment

On the negative side:  aimlessness, feeling powerless, disappointment, limited understanding, impatience, focused on the negative, lack of creativity, boredom

I need to remain focused on what I want which will build momentum and joy; to embrace the power of positivity; don’t get stuck on ideas or plans and recognize & acknowledge the greater wisdom gained from all prior experiences and use it to grow.  “Your playing small does not serve the world”  Marianne Williamson

To celebrate World Tarot Daytm I am offering $20 one card readings (one question only) via email IF paid and booked by May 25.  Just email me (angelshandworksllc@gmail.com) for more info and a link for prepayment. 

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