11 March 2017

Lovely, bright, new, beginnings!

I took a long overdue sabbatical of sorts and got reacquainted with several Tarot Decks.  To really bond with them, one sleeps with a deck under their pillow.  I hadn’t done that in quite some time, not since I first obtained them, then again it’s been quite a while. 

In any case, have you ever gone to a party then fallen asleep while everyone around you is talking and having a great time?  Or have you ever taken a “cat nap” where your physical body is sleeping but you can hear what’s going on all around you?  Let me just say that it was a busy and noisy slumber with all the cards “speaking” at once or having conversations with each other.  Some comical and some philosophical.

So, last October I was invited by an organization to read for many, many wonderful people in what the hostess called a “Tarot Party”.  I had the privilege of helping each and every one of the guests with their private readings.  A few of the guests were apprehensive and wouldn’t touch the cards; fortunately my reading style is no nonsense just spit it out in a humorous kind of way and they were immediately put at ease.  It was a busy afternoon; I read for six straight hours and didn’t get the least bit tired.  I am looking forward to doing this again.

I have renewed my memberships with, and am a proud member of, the American Tarot Association as well as Tarosophy Tarot Associations (Worldwide).  When one becomes a Tarot Reader it not always becomes a professional vocation.  Some use Tarot as a tool for writing, for inner reflection, for problem solving, for accessing their unconscious, for practicing the sacred art of storytelling, etc.…but one never stops learning and expanding upon their knowledge.

I am looking forward to maintaining this blog as it should be in my mind’s eye, like coming home with family or friends to have tea or coffee and discuss our days and thoughts.

Until next time…

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