21 June 2014

Daily Reading

This is a famous card. Two poor folk sit outside a church with five pentacles on its stained glass window. This is a card that predicts loss, financial loss, bad luck, a possible set-back in health. It is a hard time, as all fives are. The poor folk feel embarrassed by their poverty, but they are too proud to ask for help, preferring to rely on each other rather than begging for help from the rich church.

This card relates as well to the emphasis on community and social norms. In some views of the card those out in the storm have chosen to be out there. Society disapproves of them or their relationships and rather than bow down to traditional standards, they stay outside. Like the other fives, there is the issue of pride and humility.

The problem, "How can I survive this hard-up time without compromising my pride?"

The answer: "You have to re-evaluate your values."

While those in this card may have lost material things, even the respect of society, they still have each other. Such times teach us who our real friends are, who is honestly generous, and what really matters to us.

When times are good again, we will remember what we learned in these hard times and not be fooled by fake friendships or fickle social regard. We will know who and what we can really trust.


20 June 2014

Daily Reading

Four of Cups

The man under the tree is still, actually comfortably seated, but it's clear that his feelings are on edge maybe even bored. Think of those who stew in their emotions, grumbling and grousing, maybe wasting their time. He's too locked in habit and routine to move, but habit and routine no longer give him comfort.

He is dissatisfied and bored. The client might be on either side of this stagnant relationship, the man under the tree or the unappreciated cups. Either way, something must be done to bring these feelings out into the open and change them. There is still time to salvage the relationship, but that time seems to be running out.

This is the “grass is greener on the other side” card; not appreciating what is in front of us or of someone having the attitude of “I won’t grow up” and maybe missing out on life.
Of course there is always more to the picture than meets the eye that can only be uncovered with an actual reading.

16 June 2014

Have Tarot Deck Will Travel

You never know when the cards might be needed “on the spot”.

Yesterday I went to a parade and a client approached me with her best friend who was obviously distressed about something so we did a reading at her friend’s request.  During that reading I could see her visibly relax and her tears had stopped.  For confidential reasons I cannot delve too deeply about what the reading was about or clients’ names but suffice it to say, thanks to the cards, she is sure to have a restful remainder of the weekend.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy tarot counseling so much; the ability to help others.  The cards can tell you so much on many different levels (work, relationships, money, health, etc...).  When I read the Tarot Cards I do not tell people what they want to hear, I interpret the cards only and my clients then do what they will with that information.

I am often asked what do I need to know prior to any reading and that is only the month and day of the client’s date of birth.  If a client asks a bogus question, also known as “trick the reader”, they will receive a bogus answer from the cards, the cards do not lie.