03 May 2014

Great News!

I have some great news for those who do not wish to make appointments and who I meet face-to-face!  I now have PayPal Here and am able to accept your credit/debit cards so long as there is an internet connection.

The same rules apply:

All readings will be prepaid.

I will interpret what I see and feel; not how I would go about things nor offer specific advice. What you do with knowledge received from readings is entirely up to you.

Refunds are not available for time served (readings are free, my time isn’t).

Tell me your birth day (month and day) and tell me what you want me to read about.  One question works best.

For a three (3) card reading it is $90, for a two (2) card reading it is $60 and for a one (1) card reading it is $30.

A Disclaimer:

You must be at least 18 years of age to use my services. I don't want the responsibility of reading for kids or having their parents go ballistic because their child charged something on the internet on their credit card. I will not read for third parties as that is an infringement on their free will. My services are intended to entertain and provide a means for reflection, and can provide insight on personal issues. I am not responsible for what you choose to do with it. I will not be held responsible for your life decisions. Those are yours and yours alone to make. My services do not provide nor are they a substitute for legal, financial, medical or other professional advice. My services do not constitute nor are they a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment of any illness, of any kind.

Privacy Policy:

Readings are confidential unless I believe you are harmful to yourself or others. I am not a therapist, doctor or legal expert. If you have mental or health issues you need help with, please contact the appropriate service. I can only offer so much in the way of readings.

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