24 February 2014

New Beginnings!

About Me:

Hello, I am Ruthann and I am pleased to meet you. I am a Tarot Consultant, and a woman of many varied skills and interests. I've had a lifelong interest in the supernatural, spiritual, and metaphysical. That interest has led me to studying and reading Tarot cards. I began Tarot Consultations professionally in 2009. I give honest and clear Tarot readings. How it is done: I connect with your energies, lay the cards, tap into my intuition and read. If you want an honest, direct, and intuitive reading, that's what I do and do well.

As a member of both Tarot Professionals and American Tarot Association, I share their values and ethics for reading for others. Essentially, they amount to common courtesy and respect for the client and for my own and others' reputations as Tarot Readers.

I started
Angel’s Handworks LLC because I love Tarot, I love crafting (knitting and quilting), and I also really enjoy helping people work through their challenges. Tarot Consultations for others is an equally satisfying venture because I get to read the cards and help you process some of your questions, and you get to make sense out of something that has been irritating or nagging you.

Can Tarot Predict the Future?

I am not a fortune teller; the future is made up of your efforts and outside circumstances, not absolute fate. Through Tarot Cards and Intuition I offer clear, practical readings to clarify and bring you a new perspective; easing worry and offering insight to a specific question. My goal is to interpret what I see and feel; not how I would go about things nor offer specific advice. What you do with knowledge received from readings is entirely up to you. I have the best interests of Clients in mind and offer professional, confidential readings without judgment.

Aren't Tarot Readers Fake?

Well, some are, yes. It depends on who is reading the cards and how they read them. Some readers are outright frauds that talk about curses and needing more money from you to lift curses. Other false readings are also called "cold readings," a method by which a "psychic" or tarot reader will pick up on clues and cues from the client and deliver them back as a "message from beyond." That is more difficult to do online than in person, but not impossible and I'm really not interested in that or playing the “test the reader” game. I am merely interested in reading the cards that come up for you.
Is It Expensive?

Not really. Readings are free, you are purchasing my time as a Consultant. My full email readings cost $90.00 USD. On average, this reading takes over an hour to prepare. You will always get a digital image of the card(s) used in your reading attached to your email. It works best if you limit your questions to one specific situation. My goal is to give you as much information as I am able to glean from the cards.

I also offer a Mini Readings, 1 card for $30 USD or 2 cards for $60 USD. One specific question for all.

You'll need to use PayPal, as I do not accept any other form of payment at this time. Refunds are not available for time served (readings are free, my time isn’t). All my readings are by appointment only and prepaid securely via PayPal. I require 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment, if you need to reschedule please email me. Failure to cancel 24 hours in advance results in the forfeiture of your payment.

How Do I Book A Consultation Session?
The first step is to email me at:  AngelsHandworksLLC@gmail.com or AngelsHandworksLLC@yahoo.com.

Introduce yourself, tell me your birth date and tell me what you want me to read about. You will be directed to purchase your reading securely via PayPal, once we receive a confirmation email from PayPal contact me to schedule your appointment. If you are paying in any other currency than USD, PayPal makes the conversion into your currency before the purchase is finalized.   OR you can just make your purchase now.

If you'd rather get a computer generated instant reading, there are plenty of those around the internet. They're free and they give immediate results, but they lack that personal touch.
A Disclaimer:

You must be at least 18 years of age to use my services. I don't want the responsibility of reading for kids or having their parents go ballistic because their child charged something on the internet on their credit card. I will not read for third parties as that is an infringement on their free will. My services are intended to entertain and provide a means for reflection, and can provide insight on personal issues. I am not responsible for what you choose to do with it. I will not be held responsible for your life decisions. Those are yours and yours alone to make. My services do not provide nor are they a substitute for legal, financial, medical or other professional advice. My services do not constitute nor are they a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment of any illness, of any kind.

Privacy Policy:
Readings are confidential unless I believe you are harmful to yourself or others. I am not a therapist, doctor or legal expert. If you have mental or health issues you need help with, please contact the appropriate service. I can only offer so much in the way of readings.

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