14 December 2012

I've been away for quite awhile, life has been happening big-time but the alterntive isn't so much fun.  We've lost our beloved geriatric cat, we lost our darling female dalmation with no warning five weeks later, our male dalmation is passing uric crystals (like kidney stones in people), we have rescued two thirteen week old female kittens from the pound who happen to be sisters and now...the tragedy in Sandy Hook, CT. 

I used to live in that town.  It is small.  It is like a village where everyone knows everyone.  It's a strong community.  The entire state will stand by all those who have been touched by this infamous day including all those Law Enforcement Officers and EMS Personnel who were forced to see what should never be seen.

I haven't been doing much sewing lately but rather I have become addicted to knitting socks and take my projects everywhere; having no less than two projects on the sticks at any given moment.

I will make an effort to post more and hopefully not bore too many people.

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