11 July 2011


While watching a high profile court case (no comment on the what was testified by whom or the outcome) I ordered a book.  I've been admiring one particular pattern from the blog Quilting in Oz ("Dutch Treat") and just HAD to have it.  I've been teaching myself needleturn applique with "The Civil War Bride Quilt" and now reverse applique with "Dutch Treat".  It's a challange because the little treasures of blocks finish at a mere 4" but they're so much fun to do!  I was using pencil lines but now I've started using "The Fine Line" water erasable marking pen, works like a charm!

I've completed 2 TCWBQ blocks and 9 DT blocks (8 photographed).  Saturday when I went to The Yankee Quilter in Oxford, CT for our monthly Party with Patrick get-together the gals liked those blocks I took for show and tell.  I also finished another Rose of Sharon (Roses of Remembrance) block I call Kendra's Angel.  My cousin lost her teenage daughter (physical age 13, emotional age 9) and she loved the colors black and pink and she adored angels.  I will present her with the mini-quilt the next time I see her.

Until next time...sew on!


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