21 June 2011

Been Busy!

I've been really busy since my last post.  Working bootdrives for our area volunteer fire departments, participating in parades, being a housewife and doing all those chores, helping hubby build a gazebo and becoming addicted to the Kindle I received as a birthday gift.  I've also been reading "tons" of blogs, everyone is so creative and talented out there each and everyone inspires me (and keeps me from sewing - lol)!

I also started "The Civil War Bride Quilt" and finished my first ever totally hand applique using the needleturn method.  The block isn't perfect but that's okay; there are nineteen other blocks to sharpen my skills.  I chose to start with block #5 as my first block and left off the butterfly for now as I want to get started on another block.

For the Bride block (block # 3) I was thinking of printing a picture of my hubby and I on our wedding day on fabric and having the flowers and such surround us in such a way that everything blends seamlessly.

Until next time, sew on!

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