05 May 2011


I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been addicted to reading everyone else’s blogs!  I got totally hooked on “The Civil War Bride Quilt” blog (http://thecivilwarbridequilt.blogspot.com/) and just HAD to order the pattern the beginning of this week from Australia (God bless hubby and his patience with me).  Everyone’s blocks look so amazing, we don’t have a “Bridal Quilt” and hubby is a history buff so this seems like the perfect project. 

I will be making lots of bias stems very soon as I’ve noticed most of the twenty (20) blocks have bias stems somewhere in them, not including the borders.  I’m not sure if I want to use up my Reproduction Civil War fabrics, Thimbleberries fabrics, Batik fabrics or just a hodgepodge of a basic “feel” of fabrics that are suitable for each block on an individual basis.  I know I’m most likely going to use the needle turn appliqué method.

I’ve started another Dear Jane quilt using only Patrick Lose fabrics and the colors are so bright, crisp and beautiful; it’s going to be one of the brightest quilts I’ve ever made.  The blog:  http://thatquilt.blogspot.com/ has helped me immensely in constructing some of the blocks and it also is another “eye candy” blog that I’m addicted to reading and learning from.

I’m turning our spare bedroom into a sewing studio of sorts and as a “Messy” hate to admit that room was a disaster area.  On the successful side:  I knew there was a bed in there somewhere (lol).  I have a hope chest from my mother I inherited that will be used for an ironing and cutting surface and there’s a really small table next to it that faces our backyard I will likely use as my sewing table.  When I’m not sewing I can remove the cutting and ironing mats and put everything away so the top of the chest is totally cleared off.  I don’t have a design wall, yet.   Instead I bought one of those corrugated tri-fold presentation boards (about $1.00) and stapled some batting to the front.  I eventually will hang a decorative curtain rod and hang the batting on it and when not in use roll the batting up.  I think my hubby can make a pulley system for me.  I really want that room to be my personal refuge and a place where creativity and inspiration reign supreme.  Besides, some days all I want to do is escape from everyone “needing” me on one level or another and wearing me out.

In terms of feel I’d like the room to have I’m totally stuck and clueless.  I like the shabby-chic look but also Bohemian appeals to me as does Country and Victorian.  We very rarely have anyone stay overnight so I have free-reign in decorating but I’ve never been much of a decorator.

Last week we took our female Dalmatian in for her shots and check up and for some help in dealing with her skin condition.  The labs came back and they're all okay so far.  There was nothing major but still...she’s uncomfortable and that makes me unhappy.  She is on a regimen of medications and medicated baths.  I really don’t know how moms of human kids keep themselves together and how they cope.

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