31 March 2011


I've noticed, while bloghopping, that 1choice4quilting is having a super-duper fabric giveaway!  Being the fabricholic and going through my stash I realized I NEED more fabric.  Not for lack of stash but the "Sweet Tooth" fabrics are lucious, summer colors, all nice and bright.  They're giving away fourteen half-yard cuts totaling seven yards.

SEVEN YARDS of beautiful fabric!  I never win anything (except I did win my hubby's love, devotion and respect and that should be enough but he isn't fabric) so I really hope I win this fabric.

If anyone's interesting in entering this contest here's the url:  http://blog.1choice4quilting.com/2011/03/are-you-ready-for-another-giveaway-i-am.html

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