01 February 2011

What To Do?

Hmmm, we've gotten an accumulative amount of 60" of snow and today some freezing rain on top of yet more snow.  Tonight we're supposed to have an ice storm.  I made homemade marinara sauce first thing this morning and as it was simmering brought more firewood into the house while DH shoveled a new path to more firewood stored.

While he was doing that and more chores were done I made another laprobe from Raw Edge Bull's Eye blocks I had quartered.  About three years ago, maybe four, I participated in an International Block Swap of Raw Edge Bull's Eyes and I enjoyed the pattern so much I made more blocks for myself.  At any rate, to get me through today's weather I stitched this up:

It's mostly blues and yellows, really very cheery which I need this time of year.  I have more blocks left over but I'm not sure what I'll do with them; maybe leave them for a rainy day or make more blocks to add to the collection.

Now I need to decide if I want a border or not and just layer; then I'm not sure if I'm going to handquilt or machine quilt as I miss handquilting a great deal.

Until next time everyone keep warm and safe!

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