23 November 2011

Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012

I haven't been posting lately because I've been working on a few projects, most recently cutting backing and batting squares to work the "quilt as you go" technique on my Dear Jane blocks.  I've also been working on my Crazy Quilt Lapquilt/Throw which keeps me out of trouble (lol).

At any rate, I've been accepted to work on the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012 and I'm beyond tickled pink!  Each month I am to make a minimum size 6"x6" crazy quilt block.  I will be learning from all the other participants as I'm fairly new to hand-embroidery but find it so darned relaxing.

So I'm working on several projects:  Dear Jane, Dutch Treat, finishing up my Sylvia's Bridal Sampler quilt and now the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012.  I've decided to put down the Civil War Bride Quilt as everytime I start a block something ALWAYS seems to require my attention and I find myself getting more than a little upset about it.

I will post/attach buttons to my sidebar once I figure out exactly how to do that.

Until next time...Sew On!

23 October 2011

Janiac's Unite

I've been invited to participate in a blog devoted to Dear Jane Blocks.  I had been thinking about picking that project up again and making the blocks using only Patrick Lose fabrics, then I finished making a laprobe in CW Repro fabrics and now I'm planning on a third quilt!

The new blog "Janiac's Unite" is just the thing to keep me motivated and also to encourage others but mostly I can't wait for the eye-candy!

Today I finished five blocks, I'm so excited!  I have a renewed interest in this project and looking forward to restarting the Journey.






Until next time, Sew On!

01 September 2011

Long Time No Post

I just realize I haven't posted in quite awhile.

Let's see, we had a death in the family, dealt with an Earthquake and most recently we endured (and survived) Hurricane Irene.

I haven't gotten much sewing done as I've been hooked reading on my Kindle and I've started knitting a sweater.

I should really start sewing SOON, will post pictures later.

11 July 2011


While watching a high profile court case (no comment on the what was testified by whom or the outcome) I ordered a book.  I've been admiring one particular pattern from the blog Quilting in Oz ("Dutch Treat") and just HAD to have it.  I've been teaching myself needleturn applique with "The Civil War Bride Quilt" and now reverse applique with "Dutch Treat".  It's a challange because the little treasures of blocks finish at a mere 4" but they're so much fun to do!  I was using pencil lines but now I've started using "The Fine Line" water erasable marking pen, works like a charm!

I've completed 2 TCWBQ blocks and 9 DT blocks (8 photographed).  Saturday when I went to The Yankee Quilter in Oxford, CT for our monthly Party with Patrick get-together the gals liked those blocks I took for show and tell.  I also finished another Rose of Sharon (Roses of Remembrance) block I call Kendra's Angel.  My cousin lost her teenage daughter (physical age 13, emotional age 9) and she loved the colors black and pink and she adored angels.  I will present her with the mini-quilt the next time I see her.

Until next on!

21 June 2011

Been Busy!

I've been really busy since my last post.  Working bootdrives for our area volunteer fire departments, participating in parades, being a housewife and doing all those chores, helping hubby build a gazebo and becoming addicted to the Kindle I received as a birthday gift.  I've also been reading "tons" of blogs, everyone is so creative and talented out there each and everyone inspires me (and keeps me from sewing - lol)!

I also started "The Civil War Bride Quilt" and finished my first ever totally hand applique using the needleturn method.  The block isn't perfect but that's okay; there are nineteen other blocks to sharpen my skills.  I chose to start with block #5 as my first block and left off the butterfly for now as I want to get started on another block.

For the Bride block (block # 3) I was thinking of printing a picture of my hubby and I on our wedding day on fabric and having the flowers and such surround us in such a way that everything blends seamlessly.

Until next time, sew on!

05 May 2011


I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been addicted to reading everyone else’s blogs!  I got totally hooked on “The Civil War Bride Quilt” blog ( and just HAD to order the pattern the beginning of this week from Australia (God bless hubby and his patience with me).  Everyone’s blocks look so amazing, we don’t have a “Bridal Quilt” and hubby is a history buff so this seems like the perfect project. 

I will be making lots of bias stems very soon as I’ve noticed most of the twenty (20) blocks have bias stems somewhere in them, not including the borders.  I’m not sure if I want to use up my Reproduction Civil War fabrics, Thimbleberries fabrics, Batik fabrics or just a hodgepodge of a basic “feel” of fabrics that are suitable for each block on an individual basis.  I know I’m most likely going to use the needle turn appliqué method.

I’ve started another Dear Jane quilt using only Patrick Lose fabrics and the colors are so bright, crisp and beautiful; it’s going to be one of the brightest quilts I’ve ever made.  The blog: has helped me immensely in constructing some of the blocks and it also is another “eye candy” blog that I’m addicted to reading and learning from.

I’m turning our spare bedroom into a sewing studio of sorts and as a “Messy” hate to admit that room was a disaster area.  On the successful side:  I knew there was a bed in there somewhere (lol).  I have a hope chest from my mother I inherited that will be used for an ironing and cutting surface and there’s a really small table next to it that faces our backyard I will likely use as my sewing table.  When I’m not sewing I can remove the cutting and ironing mats and put everything away so the top of the chest is totally cleared off.  I don’t have a design wall, yet.   Instead I bought one of those corrugated tri-fold presentation boards (about $1.00) and stapled some batting to the front.  I eventually will hang a decorative curtain rod and hang the batting on it and when not in use roll the batting up.  I think my hubby can make a pulley system for me.  I really want that room to be my personal refuge and a place where creativity and inspiration reign supreme.  Besides, some days all I want to do is escape from everyone “needing” me on one level or another and wearing me out.

In terms of feel I’d like the room to have I’m totally stuck and clueless.  I like the shabby-chic look but also Bohemian appeals to me as does Country and Victorian.  We very rarely have anyone stay overnight so I have free-reign in decorating but I’ve never been much of a decorator.

Last week we took our female Dalmatian in for her shots and check up and for some help in dealing with her skin condition.  The labs came back and they're all okay so far.  There was nothing major but still...she’s uncomfortable and that makes me unhappy.  She is on a regimen of medications and medicated baths.  I really don’t know how moms of human kids keep themselves together and how they cope.

26 April 2011


FNSI (Friday Night Sew In), there are 188 of us participating.  I’m so excited to have joined this project via Heidi at Handmade by Heidi (  It’s going to be really nice to actually finish projects and making new friends.  Already we have things in common.

06 April 2011

Another Fantastic Giveaway


I'm so addicted to those fabulous giveaways, is there a twelve-step program for this?  Preferably at a central meeting point at where else, a quilt shop, where everyone has the same addiction and everyone knows your name?  lol  I never win but still enjoy playing for at least a chance.

If anyone wants to join in this newest giveaway check out this URL:

Good luck to everyone who participates!

31 March 2011

Hand Applique

I'm very new to hand applique and while going through my stash and preparing for another Winter blast (grrrrr) I found an older book I had purchased a few years ago.  "Floral Quilts from Grandma's Cupboard".  The patterns look fairly easy and the author, Michelle Blackhurst makes everything look so fresh and it's like going back in time looking at the pictures.

I especially like her color and fabric choices but I'm going to make one of the quilts in scraps.  Some blocks will have bold flowers and others will have a more subdued look using Thimbleberries fabrics.  I haven't decided on the sashing yet and will wait until I get the quilt top completed.  I'm working on preparing pieces for the quilt found on page 20 called "Emmy's Favorite".  The background square colors I've chosen are yellows and peaches.  There are nine blocks in the quilt, I've prepared my pieces for two and only have the stems and leaves to prepare in a third then I can sit and practice stitching by our woodburning stove and watch the snow come down and daydream about Summer coming....someday.


I've noticed, while bloghopping, that 1choice4quilting is having a super-duper fabric giveaway!  Being the fabricholic and going through my stash I realized I NEED more fabric.  Not for lack of stash but the "Sweet Tooth" fabrics are lucious, summer colors, all nice and bright.  They're giving away fourteen half-yard cuts totaling seven yards.

SEVEN YARDS of beautiful fabric!  I never win anything (except I did win my hubby's love, devotion and respect and that should be enough but he isn't fabric) so I really hope I win this fabric.

If anyone's interesting in entering this contest here's the url:

21 March 2011

"Blogoversary Giveaway!"

Someone special is having a Blogoversary Giveaway!  Susan's blog is totally awesome and I would encourage everyone to check it out.  The giveaway ends very, very soon!  Good luck to everyone who enters!

13 March 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I've been really busy making some Party With Patrick "Luck o' The Irish" banners for two different fire departments and adding the company names at the top and locations at the bottom.  Both departments really like their banners so the projects were a success.  I'm also watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade from New Haven on the television so I can see the guys march and drive their apparatus.

I've just joined yet another online project from "soscrappy" ( and I'm looking forward to taking part in the challenge my hubby gave me to shop from my stash and this looks like an awesome way of doing it; each month will be a different color to use.  Now the tricky part; what quilt blocks to make?  I'm considering Dresdan Plates.  This month's color is green which is fitting considering the holiday.

Also in progress are more hexies and some simple stitcheries, the monthly Party with Patrick club and "In Flight" BOM which are butterflies at my LQS "The Yankee Quilter".  I haven't worked on one butterfly yet so I'm three months behind but I'll catch up.

I need to get my backings in order and layer one of the quilt tops I finished in January/February and I will handquilt which will be a huge project in itself considering I have two lap dogs (each weighing in at over 69 lbs each) and an older cat all vying for my lap.

Until next time, sew on!

14 February 2011


Thank you for all compliments regarding my GFG quilt.  I think I know how I’d like to finish the edges but I’m not quite sure.  Yesterday I made a list of all my UFO’s, WIP, On-going Projects and Projects to Start and listed next to each project exactly what needs to be done. 
1.   Dear Jane Wallhanging:  layer, quilt, bind
2.   Raw Edge Bull’s Eye Quilts (2):  layer, quilt, bind
3.   GFG:  finish up the edges, layer, quilt,bind
4.   Friendship Links:  sew side seams of blocks, assemble rows, layer, quilt, bind
5.   Cathedral Windows:  apply “windows”, assemble larger units into one lapwarmer
6.   Scrappy Delectable Mountains:  add 1 block to each row, assemble rows, layer, quilt, bind
7.   Crazy Quilt:  decorative stitching the seams, add patch embroidery, lace, ribbons, etc; attach backing, tie together

1.   SBS (Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler) BOM at my LQS
2.   PWP (Party With Patrick) BOM at my LQS
3.   Hexies for One Flower Wednesdays
4.   Mini flying geese units/blocks (for some day)
5.   Roses of Remembrance blocks
6.   Redwork Kitchen Towels
7.   Miscellany Redwork (for some project down the line)

To Start:  (of course this number will go up before the day is over)

1.   Consider the Lilies
2.   Things We Love
3.   Henrietta Whiskers
4.   Give Thanks

I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed with all my to-do’s but also kind of liberated because now I know exactly what needs to be done.  I have no system in place so I thought that I’d break down the projects by days of the week; like on Wednesdays work on my hexies and flowers for “One Flower Wednesdays”.  I’m not much of a decision maker so I’m taking my time today to actually INK in on our calendar which projects I’ll be working on for any given day.  The quilts that need finishing I’m thinking of waiting until September due to the chilly Autumn evenings rather than quilting in the humid-filled Summer months.

Until next time, sew on and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

09 February 2011

A GFG quilt top finished!

I finished my first GFG quilt top last night; entirely by hand.  I'm trying to figure out how I'd like to finish it quilting-wise as well as the edge.  I'm thinking of maybe echo quilting then turning under the edges and hand sewing everything down.

Now I'm finishing up my Valentine's Day tablerunner, quilting & binding then I'll continue to work on more hexies in three sizes.

Until next time, sew on!

01 February 2011

What To Do?

Hmmm, we've gotten an accumulative amount of 60" of snow and today some freezing rain on top of yet more snow.  Tonight we're supposed to have an ice storm.  I made homemade marinara sauce first thing this morning and as it was simmering brought more firewood into the house while DH shoveled a new path to more firewood stored.

While he was doing that and more chores were done I made another laprobe from Raw Edge Bull's Eye blocks I had quartered.  About three years ago, maybe four, I participated in an International Block Swap of Raw Edge Bull's Eyes and I enjoyed the pattern so much I made more blocks for myself.  At any rate, to get me through today's weather I stitched this up:

It's mostly blues and yellows, really very cheery which I need this time of year.  I have more blocks left over but I'm not sure what I'll do with them; maybe leave them for a rainy day or make more blocks to add to the collection.

Now I need to decide if I want a border or not and just layer; then I'm not sure if I'm going to handquilt or machine quilt as I miss handquilting a great deal.

Until next time everyone keep warm and safe!

30 January 2011

Fabric Giveaway!

A fabric giveaway at Stray Stitches, her thank you and she has reached a milestone of 400+ followers/friends.  The fabric is just divine!  Go to this blog and enter if you want a chance at a fabulous fabric giveaway!

23 January 2011

Busy Saturday!

Yesterday and last night I worked on two projects.  About three years ago I participated in a block swap from one of The Fat Cat's patterns, Raw Edge Bull's Eye (this pattern is addictive).  Yesterday morning I quartered all the blocks I received, sewed them together to form a circle then put a funky 1960's style Peace fabric, on black background, as sashing.  I thought that would work since the blocks are busy and have lots of colors in them and the black sets them off well.

I also worked on the January 2011 Party With Patrick project, "Season of Love" table topper.  I chose to use three fabrics rather than two as called for in the pattern.  The reds are two different fabrics but have the same shadings.  I think this works because the difference is very subtle.

These two projects are just tops right now.  For the Raw Edge Bull's Eye lapquilt I'm still debating if I want to quilt by hand or by machine.  The table topper just needs to be layered and I'm trying to decide on my quilting design possibilities.

Today is Sunday, a day of rest so I'm looking through my quilting magazines and when I take a break from that I'll work on the Prayer Shawl I'm making for a relative. 

Until next time, sew on!

08 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm still here!  I've been away from my blog for quite seems "when it rains it pours".  Hubby had a procedure performed in November, puppy had to be admitted to an emergency facility on Christmas Eve then have surgery four days later and now that the Holidays are over I'm debating if I should take over a spare bedroom as a "studio" or take over part of our attic. 

Of course, once we put all our holiday things away and throw a lot of stuff I had when I moved into our home we should have more space in the attic although I'm not sure I want to work an extra floor up with no heat in the Winter or a/c in the Summer.

I haven't been sewing one bit since the beginning of November due to the extra load of housework and keeping a constant eye on our puppy so I'm going through withdrawals.

I have so many want-to-do projects floating around in my head, some UFO's to work on, the SBS classes to start re-attending and then trying to figure out exactly how I'd like my sewing studio to look and feel is overwhelming.  I'm thinking I should keep a quilting journal to list all my projects (WIP, UFO's, Want to Do's) and photos of ideas for my little corner in the Universe.