11 November 2010


Hubby's procedure went well and he's home resting comfortably.

In the waiting room I hand-basted fiftytwo 1 1/2" hexies, photos will be published soon.  I posed one of those baby beany-baby stuffed animals; a little monkey the company calls Bongo (I think).  He's the cutest littlest thing!

I will be super-busy these next few days.  Tomorrow night Patrick Lose will be coming to my LQS (The Yankee Quilter) then Saturday I will be in an all-day workshop with Patrick then more testing next week but I do hope to continue working on my GFG.  I'm not sure what I'll be doing with all my tiny hexies but I'm thinking just the basic scrappy quilt so I can just do some mindless sewing with no worries about if this or that really "goes" with the next piece or not.

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