06 November 2010

Nervous Energy...

is being put to good use this week.  Wednesday we found out my husband needs to have a procedure perfomed Monday morning so after having made phone calls and planning for the worse (an overnight stay in the hospital) and making arrangements to be picked up and brought home to feed our furbabies then taken back to the hospital to sleep over with hubby I accomplished the following:

I pieced two hexie flowers and basted fifteen sets of petals (105 little hexies):

I also had purchased a book entitled "The Rose of Sharon Block Book" by Sharon Pederson and did eight Rose of Sharon blocks.  I'm unsure exactly what I'm going to do with them:  Christmas gifts for the ladies in our family?  Make a wall-hanging for us?  A bed quilt for us?  I have absolutely no idea.  I'm also unsure if I want to do the quilt as you go or just wait until the project is put together.

I just may make as many as I feel like and wait until the New Year to figure it all out, maybe two quilts; one for my sister and one for myself?  I've never done that before and it would be good.

Thankfully I can still work on my GFG while in the waiting room and pacing Monday, it'll be good to put all this nervous energy into something constructive and pretty.

Until next time, sew on...


  1. The Rose of Sharon blocks are beautiful! Nervous energy made you very productive with your hexagons, I hope all goes well for your husband on Monday.

  2. You made beautiful flowers.
    And all my best wishes for your husband.


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