07 October 2010

I'm Back...

I admit.  I’ve been lax in posting but I have a good reason:  I’ve been working on my hexies as well as three Patrick Lose designs and doing some redwork stitchery.  Tuesday, while we had the chimney cleaner over to check our wood burning stove I managed to piece and layer a Tumbler lap robe for me in batiks.  It’s the only project I’ve made for myself however I did happen to notice the dogs cuddling under it while it’s awaiting quilting and binding.

Some days I feel like shouting, “housework is interfering with my stitching and quilting time” but I don’t.  I’m a housewife and fur-baby mom.  I love all the roles I fulfill:  appointment scheduler, errand runner, chauffer to and from the veterinary hospital as needed, managing the household which is doing all the chores, baking, cooking, stacking wood and bringing it in for the wood burning stove when it’s really cold outside, making calls on behalf of my dh and watching our neighbor’s house and fur-“grandson” while they’re away on vacation.
Fons & Porter’s “Quilting Celebrations” magazine is out and the designs contained within this issue are Patrick Lose’s.  I highly recommend any and all of his projects and would most definitely encourage people to purchase that magazine!  I will have the privilege of actually meeting Patrick in November for Party with Patrick (PWP) at my local quilt shop, The Yankee Quilter, and the next day we will have an all day workshop/retreat with Patrick himself!  All day!  Be still my heart and sewing machine.

I’ve changed my mind on my hexies; they’re going to have white centers and the petals will be in ‘30’s reproduction fabrics.  I have no idea what color I want the path to be but my priority is stitching these babies together and I’ll figure it all out once they’re all completed.

Until next time, happy stitchin’.


  1. You have been very busy! Lots of great projects. I do like the white centers for your flowers. Very nice!

  2. I like your hexies and think the white centres are a good choice.
    Happy quilting

  3. I stopped by to look at your hexie flowers and fell in love with your candy corn matt and spider!! I may have to make a larger spider quilt similar for my door! (if this comment shows up twice, my first one disappeared with an error!)


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