21 October 2010

Flu Season!

It's flu season here in New England and I've finally got a handle on mine, I can actually breath.  (lol)  In the past week or two I've been pretty busy quilt-wise and being ill it makes me realize I'd given all the quilts away I've made, except for my husband's:  we share that one so now I have a new incentive to sew even more!  We MUST have a home full of quilts, every size.  Every color.  Every style! 

I made eight Grandmother's Flower Garden petals, all I have to do is sew in the white centers:

I also went through my stash and organized by color and put them in bins and did the same for my scraps only I put them in large zipper bags.  That project took all day but was well worth it.  Now I know what I have to work with so I can "shop from my stash".  It was a very liberating experience.

We had our chimney cleaned by the local chimney cleaner, while he was busy doing that I sewed up a Batik Tumblers Laprobe for myself however I think the dogs will probably end up with it as they were "helping" me along the way.  I just need to quilt the borders and attach the binding.  Working with Batiks is a first for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My want-to-do project list is growing:  Rose of Sharon by Sharon Pederson (her book is awesome), maybe some funky cottage blocks, dresdan plates, Apple Cores and of course I have a few WIP's like the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler class at my local quilt shop The Yankee Quilter, my redwork towels, finishing up some Party with Patrick projects and actually getting started with handstitching decorative stitches on a Crazy Quilt.  For some reason I have a fear of hand embroidery but it will be a character-building experience and I think it will all turn out alright.

Until next time, keep positive and be thankful for even the littlest of things for one day they will be looked upon as the bigger things.


  1. Beautiful hexies. Congrats on organizing your scraps. That is a huge accomplishment. Hope you continue to heal.
    I bet the colors are amazing in New England!

  2. Thank you! Those hexies are pretty darned addictive but there are worse things to be addicted to (lol).

    The colors here are really beautiful, just like something from a Norman Rockwell painting.

  3. Nice flowers, and I like the batik quilt.

  4. Your hexie-flowrs are lovely, Ruth. I know what you mean about an ever-growing list of 'must-do's'. This passion is very addictive!!

  5. Hope you are feeling better. I get a flu shot every year and that is coming up soon.

    Wonderful flowers and interesting how you stitch in the centers last. I attach each petal to the center, then stitch the petals together.

    Excellent batik tumbler! I'm about to try batiks for the first time for hand piecing and am interested to see how that goes.

    And, I like your want-to-do list!

  6. Karen, I hadn't thought about sewing the petals around the center. I always seem to make things harder on myself but I've tried the way you do it and LOVE it. Thank you about the tumbler, I've found that Batiks feel thicker than "regular" cottons and are harder for me to hand-piece.


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