10 September 2010

Grateful Time

Today I’m grateful for:

  1.  My dh returned home from work safe.
  2. We worked on his fire apparatus together, nothing like getting greasy and sharing the grease-gun.
  3. I awoke to a sleeping, purring cat on my chest.
  4. Not having to cook or bake tonight.
  5. I didn’t get lost while picking up pizza in another town (I’m directionally challenged).
  6. “Helping” a dragonfly that seemed stuck, setting it free in our herb garden and having it return to where I found it and it landed on my forearm, it’s wings vibrating but it seemed peaceful.
  7. Tightly hugging my dh in the morning before he heads off to work.
  8. Finished basting seven “grandmother’s flower garden” hexies.
  9. Hearing the words, “I love you” and knowing he means them with every fiber of his being.
  10. Watching the two dogs sleep side by side, sitting up with their heads thrown back and mouths open and they snored.
  11. Having the best family and friends (real and cyber) in the world.
  12. A comfy bed with a large quilt on it to sleep under.
  13. "Simple Abundance" book by Sarah Ban Breathnach, this is one book that has helped to change my life in such a powerful way!  I'd encourage everyone to get the book or audio book and visit the website.  http://www.simpleabundance.com/
  14. Pampering myself this morning:  a hot, lavendar-scented bath with candles burning casting a warm and mystical glow and having hot tea on a doily I handmade many years ago within easy reach.

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